Christopher Oakley often works on commission and will be happy to quote you a price on any piece you desire.

The price you will be quoted will be based on the following factors:

  1. Size of the canvas
  2. Number of humans and/or animals depicted (if any)
  3. Photography and research required (if any)
  4. Level of detail required
  5. Scheduling
  6. Travel required (if any)
  7. Shipping and insurance costs


Paintings listed as being in a “Private Collection” were commissions and are therefore not for sale.

Paintings that are for sale are listed as such. Pricing inquiries are welcome.

Framing is available for an additional fee.

Please contact Christopher Oakley directly if you wish to commission a piece or if you wish to purchase any of the paintings that are for sale in the gallery.

Please note: As the artist, Christopher Oakley is the sole copyright owner of all images he creates and no photograph or image on this website may be posted online, sold, reproduced, published, or licensed without the artist’s express, written permission.

Patrons who commission or buy a work of art own the piece itself, but not the copyright to the image.